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Our Mission

The company grows high quality food products, certified in accordance with the strictest quality and food safety standards with sophisticated mechanisms for full traceability from field to consumer. We are independently audited and monitored regularly to ensure we continue to meet exacting standards.

Our skilled workforce combined with the latest technology in crop production and storage enable us to efficiently supply quality vegetable and cereal crops throughout the year.

Our commitment to continual development and innovation has allowed us to maintain a high competitive level and satisfy the needs of our final consumers.

As an ethical employer we recognise the importance of investing in training and the professional development of our employees while nurturing a safe working environment for all. With a commitment to the sustainable development of our environment and a respect for nature we will continue to develop our family business with honesty and integrity.



G.H Chennells are making steps to address any negative impact towards the environment. We continue to look at new ways to operate, whether that's the way we grow and harvest our crops with particular attention to irrigation. With the view of reducing our carbon footprint going forward we strive to Invest into modern equipment for clean and efficient power. The farm complies closely with cross compliance and adheres to a good agriculture practice with stewardship schemes and English Heritage. We use ground source heating on some of our estate property and photovoltaic panels on our grain store. Our diverse rotation is planned carefully each season with all environmental factors taken into account to reduce to use of fertilisers, pesticides. We operate a minimal waste policy by reducing packaging of inputs and recycle wherever possible.


Clay Farm, North Scarle,
Lincoln LN6 9ES


The Estate Office,
Eagle Hall,
Lincoln LN6 9HZ


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